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Emmy Award Winning

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Verizon - Super Bowl


Imposium proud to have powered Verizon's Super Bowl campaign “All Our Thanks” which earned 'Top 5 Ads' according to AdMeter.

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130 million girls around the world are being denied an education. To shed light on this, ONE launched #GirlsCount, because a girl with an education is a girl who can change the world.

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Moments Dynamic Video Ads

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Year In Review(s)

Imposium powered end of year lookback campaign highlighting TripAdvisor user’s best stats for 2017.

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Not So Subtle Hints

Verizon used Imposium to create two dynamic video templates which a user could customize and send to a loved one, “not-so-subtly” hinting at which Verizon device they wanted for Christmas.

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Super Bowl ads for All!

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Love Your Home

Danish Oil and Natural Gas rebranded themselves as Ørsted when they decided to divest themselves from black energy, and focus solely on green energy. Love Your Home was created to introduce their new brand and mission statement.

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Stranger Things 2

Feed Dart

Feed whatever you want to Dart, the Demodog! Upload an image of your choice and get a sharable video back with Dart eating it!

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IHG: End of Year Lookback

Personalized Video Email Blast

Imposium generated millions of unique videos for IHG Rewards members, thanking them for their business in 2017.

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The Legend of You

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Experiential Personalized Video

The Imposium platform captured all of Ford’s escape-room action in NYC for then generated a real-time highlight reel for attendees.

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Twitter Personalized Video

Imposium provided Kim Kardashian with the scale she needed to deliver a personalized video to anyone who tweeted her personal account.

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Dynamic Video Ad Creator

Our personalized video software helped the iconic brand creatively engage audiences using dynamic text entry to let users rewrite the script.

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NFB: Seances

Experiential Dynamic Video

Director Guy Maddin brought his creative vision to life using Imposium with an algorithmic story that generated dynamic videos in real-time.

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Linkin Park

Dynamic Music Video

Imposium powered a hit music video that integrated UGC to generate a dynamically personalized video fans loved.

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Individualized Video Campaign

For the holidays, we sent creative advertising agencies individualized videos showing off our dynamic video rendering software.

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Q&A Personalized Video

Mr. Lahey jumped into the elections with an interactive personalized video featuring his response to your actual questions.

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