Revolutionary Software

Imposium is the premier individualized video rendering system that puts the power of dynamic, personalized video into your hands. Explore new creative territory or solidify existing marketing efforts with groundbreaking technology that is easy to use, flexible to your needs, and fits your budget.

Tell Data-Driven Stories

Ignite your imagination with Imposium’s ability to facilitate algorithmic, data-driven storytelling. That means whether you’re telling a story on the big screen or a large-scale ad campaign, Imposium can take any linear story and bring it to life in different directions based on what information you choose to drive the narrative.

Increase Engagement

It’s proven that personalized video and dynamic content drive higher engagement, which leads to more views, more leads, and more sales. As the industry leader in dynamic, personalized, individualized video rendering, Imposium delivers highly qualified engagements– with ad-fraud protection.

Social Connectivity

Data from social platforms can be used to individualize video for unmatched engagements.

Let's make some magic

Take your video marketing to the next level and increase ROI by unleashing Imposium’s suite of cutting-edge features for your next campaign.

UGC Motion Tracking

User-generated images, text, or video can be realistically integrated into custom video.

Dynamic Text

Text can be customized, randomized, or individualized, and then blended into a scene.

Clip Swapping

Different clips can be injected at different times customize and individualize videos.


Imposium can mask out objects over dynamically inserted video to create a lifelike effect.

the benefits of using imposium

fast dev time

Our pre-developed software means guaranteed speed.


Imposium can be used for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

high quality

1080p optimized 
video makes your message clear.

for the masses

Unmatched performance for captivating millions.

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