2015 Imposium Holiday Card

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And who better to deliver the festive cheer than Santa himself? One person, that’s who. You may just remember him, he’s the Creative Director who left your agency before you even got there. The one, the only – Petr John. 2015 will forever be remembered as the year he revealed his biggest idea yet on twitter, the world’s first dynamically personalized religiously agnostic holiday greeting card. Or TWFDPRAHGC for short. After watching your agency’s card, you were directed to visit twfdprahgc.com to create your very own for someone you know in the advertising industry. And when you did, an individualized video was rendered in real-time that was automatically sent via email.


By filming unique content for every agency and using special effects and blend techniques like motion tracking and rotoscoping, we easily developed custom cards for the top 20 ad agencies in the world. With seamless execution and a hilarious performance, Imposium proved once again why it’s the gold standard in dynamic video rendering for creative video campaigns, especially around the busy holiday season.