game changing features turn audiences into customers

Mobile Ready

Imposium is built from the ground-up to include a mobile-friendly solution for every campaign.

Text Entry

Give your audiences the power to control the narrative of their entertainment using their words.

Performance Dashboard

Our live monitoring system makes it easy for your campaign data to be collected for instant review or post-mortem analysis.

UGC Integration

Imposium has made its name around the globe as the leader of incorporating UGC into dynamic video.

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Dynamic Audio

It’s possible to have your audio cued up to say what you want when you want. Great for storytelling and promotions.

Motion Blur

Motion blur allows us to seamlessly put always-changing content realistically into the scene.

Custom Effects

Imposium has the ability to integrate visual effects on text, images, scene transitions, and more.

Displacement Mapping

Dynamic content doesn’t have to stay flat, with Imposium you can manipulate the fabric of time and space before your very eyes!

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Optimized Video

Imposium allows you to leverage the optimized video feature which generates crisp 1080p videos for seamless playback.

Facial Detection

With advanced facial detection technology, our system can scan UGC to locate people and overlay effects onto or around faces.


Imposium is smart enough to take written text and overlay the dynamic text as audio, then integrate it into a scene.

Rapid Prototyping

Because our system is pre-built, battle-tested, and continually improving, your idea can come to life in just a day.

Quick Render Time

A feature our clients love most, our personalized, custom, dynamic videos render in just seconds.


Scared someone is going to say SH%T or F#CK, or upload pics of their bums? So are we. That’s why we’ve built reliable mod tools.

Web & App API

Using our pre-existing web and app API, you can quickly and easily build your interface for people to use.

Production Services

We work with different partners to help bring the creative to life through design, animation, and live action production services.

Color Correction

To help integrate dynamic content into video with ultra-realistic results, Imposium can match the look and feel of each scene using its sophisticated colour-correcting capabilities.

On-site Events

Our team has the ability to setup Imposium on site so you can easily use powerful dynamic video software for your next experiential campaign.

the benefits of using imposium


Our pre-developed software means guaranteed speed.


Imposium can be used for anyone, anywhere, anytime.


1080p optimized 
video makes your message clear.


Unmatched performance for captivating millions.