Take this lollipop
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If you haven’t heard of the Emmy Award-winning smash-hit Take This Lollipop, then welcome out from under your rock to the 600-million hit wonder that took the internet by storm. And it’s all made possible by Imposium. It’s popularity is no surprise, after all who doesn’t want to know if a psycho stalker is coming to get you?


Nickel Media was honored with one of the top accolades in the industry for Take This Lollipop, the Emmy Award, one of which the world’s elite compete for annually. Handed out for Best New Approach, the undeniable power of the Imposium platform combined with the creative power of Nickel Media made this piece an unforgettable part of Emmy history.

Over 600 million
18 million
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Emmy Award


By connecting your Facebook account and watching as a creepy character stalked you online then appears to find you in real life, the viral sensation took the internet by storm. It becomes obvious you’ve developed culture-shifting creative when reaction videos to your work start popping up by the thousands. And when the toughest-to-reach target market embraces your campaign like they did for Lollipop, you’ve got an epic hit on your hands.


Little Monster

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Tool Of NA

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Nickel Media/Imposium