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Juicy Fruit: Make Your Own Ad
User Generated Custom Video

After producing their first broadcast campaign in more than a decade, the iconic Juicy Fruit brand used dynamic video platform Imposium to help capture the fun of chewing gum online. A hilariously entertaining extension of their commercial allowed audiences to engage with two characters and interact with the subtitles to create the funniest story their creative minds could conceive.

Personalized Video Renders in Seconds

By leveraging the original television ad, which features 2 men in a locker room talking with their armpits, Imposium let audiences customize the subtitles to create their own story. While it may have been uncomfortable to watch, Imposium kept everything SFW by doing all the moderation on its own. Using the dynamic text and UGC text entry features, users had fun creating thousands of gut-busting Juicy Fruit branded videos to entertain friends on social media. With user made videos ready in under 3 seconds, the engagements were fast, funny, and unforgettable.

Over 100k unique personalized video ads rendered
$0 media spend with purely organic engagements

Dynamic Content Created by Consumers

A simple-to-use website used Imposium’s API to generate custom videos at an incredibly efficient rate. Our low-cost software solution gave clients the flexibility they needed to reach mass audiences with hyper-targeted videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube thanks to Imposium’s optimized video output and speedy render times. A great creative idea based on personalized content brought the brand to life like never before, with each individualized video increasing exposure in social media, earning organic impressions and driving deeper engagements.

The campaign’s success was largely attributed to Imposium’s ability to generate the customized creations quickly, and flawlessly. Our custom video rendering software solution proved once again why it’s the gold-standard in dynamic, personalized content creation for the masses.


Juicy Fruit


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Nickel Media/Imposium