Super Bowl Ads For All

Tostitos wanted to make a splash at this Super Bowl 51 but instead of making spending millions on a single ad during the game, they made thousands of ads using our dynamic video platform. Working with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, along with Tool of NA, they enlisted Alfonso Ribeiro to present a personalized Super Bowl party invitation for each user. Users came to the Tostitos site and simply entered the name of the party, the address, time, and that’s it. The video was created for each user on the spot, giving them something they can easily share with friends.




Their custom personalized video included all the classic Super Bowl commercial tropes like a talking baby, talking dog, a robot, an epic burnout and others. All customized to the details each user puts in to the video. The result was an over the top invite with an A-List host, all created just for you.

Site traffic was driven from media coverage, ad placements, and redirected from which generated millions of views and thousands of submissions. The Imposium video rendering platform and cloud based technology handled the traffic flawlessly, scaling up to handle the spikes from all the media leading up to the Super Bowl.

Over 16 Million Video Views
95 Million Media Impressions
1.8 Million Site Visits




Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Production Company:

Tool of NA

Digital Production:

Nickel Media/Imposium