Who really wants socks for Xmas? Working with R/GA, Verizon decided it was time to let people create their own “not so subtle” hint at what they really wanted this holiday season. To do this, they used our Imposium video rendering software to generate personalized videos that had the specific gift they really wanted - a phone, or portable speaker, but certainly no socks.

Little Girl


The videos generated allowed users to choose from two different storylines - one employing the persuasive powers of a charming little girl, and another using the irrefutable direction of grandma. Each video would then also use alternate shots from a pool of scenes from the production so it was different each time. We then incorporated the user’s photo, and name integrated into the objects in the scene, like a hand knit sweater, or a macaroni art photo. It then finished up with the not so subtle product shot of what the user really wanted to see under the tree.

All of the videos were generated from a user interacting with a website, and created on the fly right there. They could then share directly, or post on social media which then drove further traffic to the site as others interacted with the videos.





Digital Agency:

Nickel Media/Imposium