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When it comes to voting, it doesn’t matter what your opinion is – it just matters that you get out there and vote. To avoid a declining voter-turnout, Imposium partnered with one of Canada’s most beloved characters to turn the tides of the 2015 Canadian Federal Elections.


Voters and political skeptics alike were drawn to to ask Mr. Lahey his opinion on the political issues surrounding the election. Mr. Lahey dished his drunken perspective on things like gun control, NATO, immigration, and of course, drugs and alcohol. All you had to do was ask!


By using Imposium’s clip-swapping feature based on keywords from questions asked, we served each voter a personalized response featuring Mr. Lahey reading their actual question from what else – a bar napkin.

To kick it all off, we produced a creative launch spot that took the election scene by storm and amassed 100,000 views in just a couple days. With tens of thousands of new voters young and old interacting with the intoxicated icon and spreading the word to vote – the 2015 Federal Canadian Election had the highest turnout in 20 years.