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Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) worked with their client, buy and sell giant letgo, to come up with a creative way for the millions of people using their app to sell even more items online. That’s why they turned to Imposium, the leader in creating dynamic personalized ads for large-scale audiences, which used its powerful blending techniques and rendering capabilities to generate over 2 million unique personalized video ads in just 6 months.




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For those selling items online, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. That’s because Imposium is built off flexible, cloud-based technology that can be integrated into any framework and tie into to any existing or custom API. So just by using the app that millions of other buyers already own, sellers are able to select from one of four different commercial parodies, and Imposium automatically generates them a hilarious dynamic video that promotes their item in just seconds. The videos are rendered in crisp 1080p, mobile-friendly videos that play seamlessly on all social media platforms around the world.

Over 2.3 million unique personalized video ads rendered
Winner of IABB Mixx Award 2016
$0 media spend with purely organic engagements


The letgo Commercializer has become a huge success thanks to the talents of creative agency CP+B, the video production talents of Tool of NA, and the acting talents of Blaze (Dolph Lundgren), who used his iconic heavyweight Hollywood stature add to the hilarious dynamic scenes. For each final individualized video Imposium was able to dynamically alter the footage to integrate different user items into Dolph’s hands, so he and The General could go hunting for bad guys and find any item, for any price. The only thing more entertaining than watching these hilarious personalized video commercials, was watching the media have a field day with them. Funny or Die used the letgo Commercializer to sell stuff they’ve used in old sketches, and adweek took special note of Dolph’s cameo in the Action video, with a number of articles covering the project's success.


Now that the Imposium-powered letgo Commercializer has established personalized marketing as the next key trend in consumer engagement, Imposium is leading the market as the gold standard in dynamic video for the world’s leading brands and storytellers. As the app continues to grow in popularity, so will the hilarious dynamic ads that are as easy to create as tapping a button and collecting the cash for your unwanted goods. With Imposium behind the scenes, the campaign has gone on to win major awards, recently winning the IAB Mixx Award for most innovative approach.

Dynamic videos generated by Imposium continue to prove efficient and cost-effective, as the ROI on this project reached epic proportions with absolutely no media spend on the campaign. That means 100% organic traffic generated by the personalized video rendering capabilities of Imposium, the gold standard in dynamic video and the fastest individualized video rendering software in the world.





Production Company:

Tool Of NA

Digital Production:

Nickel Media/Imposium