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Your Year in Review(s)

TripAdvisor has millions of users, most of whom provide insightful reviews of their travels. This year, they wanted to give back to their userbase by summarizing all the great reviews they provided and the impact it had on the community. Imposium worked with TripAdvisor to take their data and create a personalized Year In Review(s) email video recapping what they contributed over the year. Each video created was made just for them, using their top reviews, most viewed, total views and other data points, all of which reinforced their contribution.

TripAdvisor users appreciated seeing all their contributions in one easy to view video that was made just for them. The personalized video came through in a positive way and drove email open and view rates above previous campaigns.

Over 500k videos created for TripAdvisor users
Average video completion rate of 82%
Data set loaded for over 3.8 Million users



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